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The new High-Tech-Dimension in
Sun Protection and Utilisation of Solar Energy

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we are selective®-technology
Corporate Sponosr of ADF e.V. the German Society of Experimental Dermatology
Awarded at INDUSTRIEPREIS 2008Prize Winner at Mittelstandsprogramm 2006
Nominating at German Future Award 2008
PPS-Presentation: The Vital Power of Sunlight
HelioVital® functional suncare, the lifestyle product
offers unique, selective and medicinal protection for skin, hair and eyes. It includes new qualities for sunbathing, cosmetic tanning with prevention of UV and IR induced skin damage as well as increasing vitality, wellbeing and good looks. HelioVital stands for ultimate sunshine pleasure with the goals of rehabilitation, recreation, and prevention as well as glowing good looks with the use of natural, highly effective sunlight without side effects.
Tanning without sunburn
HelioVital sunscreen foils filter out the damaging invisible UVA/UVB radiation fand reduce the IR-heat radiation rom sunlight. HelioVital is suitable for all types of skin - Not only normal but also very sensitive skin or skin prone to allergy.

Tanning without risk
HelioVital sunscreen foils help protect against the major cause of sunburn, premature skin aging, skin cancer, various sun allergies, Increased production of free radicals and Heat-related illnesses and nasty sweating.

Tanning without sun-block lotions
HelioVital sunscreen films are effective instantly.There is no waiting time as recommended for some cosmetic sunscreen No prior apply and re-apply of messy cosmetic sunscreen is needed, therefore no side effects such as hormonal influences can be derived from them.

Tanning without perspiring
HelioVital sunscreen foils provide an inversible "shading effect" due to the builot-in infrared heat reduction filter: offering a cooler more enjoyable sunbathing experience and bring the sweating down.

Tanning without allergies or side-effects
HelioVital sunscreen films filter out the dangerous and damaging invisible UVA and UVB rays from sunlight before they reach and harm human skin, hair and eyes. HelioVital meets the special reqquirements and safety for packaging food and medical device. So there is filtered out the primary energy for allergies and there are no additional substances to get allergies or side-effects.

Tanning without damage to ecosystem
HelioVital is a green technology and has absolutely no negative effect on the ecosystem. The HelioVital® filter with the we are selective®-Technology consits only of raw materials that can be considered unobjectionable according to available scientific datas, are recyclable and safe to the ecosystem. No risks to damage the ecosystem or the water of the pool like sunscreen ingredients, Latest studies show, that smallest traces of sunscreen ingredients badly damage the ecosystem, for example they make water snails infertile or they rapidly and completely bleach hard corals. Because most suntan lotions or sunscreens are proved to damage the marine flora and to kill fish, their usage is no longer permitted in various tourist destinations, for example, in Mexico at Xel-Há or Xcarnet. HelioVital protects nature and humans equally.

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