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Corporate Sponosr of ADF e.V. the German Society of Experimental Dermatology
Awarded at INDUSTRIEPREIS 2008Prize Winner at Mittelstandsprogramm 2006
Nominating at German Future Award 2008

High-tech: HelioVital sunscreen foils - Made in Germany - consist of several layers of filters, each with specific functions, laminated together for reliable and long-lasting UVA/UVB sun-ray filtration.

Innovation: HelioVital sunscreen foils have been developed to provide state-of-the-art sun protection and to aid in various medical light-treatments.

Health: HelioVital suncreen foils provide immediate and reliable sun protection for skin, hair and eyes against damaging UVA/UVB sun rays, reducing the risk of premature skin aging, wrinkling and skin cancer.

Anti-Aging: HelioVital sunscreen foils minimise the risks of wrinkling in consquence of premature skin aging.

Sun protection factors of HelioVital-Filters

Beauty: HelioVital sunscreen foils allow best of sun to obtain that fresh and vigorous tanned look.

Wellness: HelioVital sunscreen foils allow for more healthy sunbathing - particularly for sensitive skin.

Convenience: HelioVital sunscreen foils are easy and convenient to use - avoiding repeated application of messy creams or oils, eliminating the risk of allergies (e.g. Mallorca-acne).

Ecosystem: HelioVital protects the ecosystem, because there is no need of additional substances that can conterminate the ecosystem or the human body.

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