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Selective wideband filter protect
your skin, hair and eyes

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Corporate Sponosr of ADF e.V. the German Society of Experimental Dermatology
Awarded at INDUSTRIEPREIS 2008Prize Winner at Mittelstandsprogramm 2006
Nominating at German Future Award 2008

HelioVital sunscreen foils are wideband filter layers matched for tanning levels, protection factors and temperature.

The HelioVital sunscreen foils are available in several sun protection factors* and infrared heat reductions.

* corresponding to the sun protection factors of sunblock lotions according to COLIPA.

HelioVital sunscreen foils have been dermatologically tested.

HelioVital sunscreen foils have been tested for effectiveness in screening out harmful sun-rays and for dermatological effects by leading specialists from the universtities of Tübingen/Germany and Graz/Austria .

HelioVital sunscreen foils are free from health-damaging and allergy causing agents, recyclable and environmentally safe.

HelioVital has not only advantages comparision to cosmetic sunscreen like suntan oil, lotion or cream. HelioVital has advantages in comparision to technical sunscreen like tan trough or shade fabric used in umbrellas, awnings or gazebos, too.
HelioVital sunscreen foils are manufactured under strictest quality controls.
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