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High-Tech Sun Protection Systems
- Made in Germany -

HelioVital harness the power of the sun for health related benefits, wellbeing and good looks ! *** HelioVital = healthy and eco-friendly sunbathing *** HelioVital = unique in getting wavelenghts filtration
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we are selective®-technology
Corporate Sponosr of ADF e.V. the German Society of Experimental Dermatology
Awarded at INDUSTRIEPREIS 2008Prize Winner at Mittelstandsprogramm 2006
Nominating at German Future Award 2008
PPS-Presentation: The Vital Power of Sunlight
HelioVital® is high-tech filter film with a unique we are selective® technology, recommended by dermatologists.

What is special about HelioVital®:

  • It protects human beings, as well as animals and plants against dangerous and damaging invisible UVA, UVB and IR rays that cause us to sweat and stress the organism. HelioVital sunscreen films help protect against the following:
    • Skin cancer
    • Sunburn
    • Premature skin aging
    • Sun allergies
    • Increased production of free radicals
    • Heat-related illnesses and nasty sweating
  • At the same time HelioVital filters use the bio positive, vitalizing, performance enhancing and tanning power of the sun for therapies, cosmetic or medical treatments, rehabilitation, recreation, vitalisation, good looks, increased attractiveness, anti-stress and anti-aging.
  • The HelioVital product can be used as a stand-alone (like HelioPure) or in combination with transparent backing material (like acrylic glass). They can also be converted into easy to handle products (like HelioBow).

HelioVital® protects scientific prooved effectively from dangeours and harmful sunrays. A current scientific study made at the University of Tuebingen, Germany, even provides evidence of high effciency protection from mutations of the mitochondrial DNA in skin cells, generated by UVA rays.

HelioVital® is needed by everybody:

  • As a part of our life cycle we all - humans, animals, plants, need the sun, people that enjoy sunbathing desire it even more so. HelioVital provides with protection against the sun in general or overdose, as well as risks associated with it such as sunburn, skin cancer, premature skin aging, allergic reactions and nasty heat at the same time.
  • HelioVital is also a great benefit for hotels, medical- wellness institutions, leisure resorts, or beach services. By taking advantage of HelioVital technology, hey all provide their guests with eco-friendly and healthy sunbathing without thermal stress. HelioVital also allows them to increase the satisfaction and wellbeing of their guests as well as their attractiveness through sun utilization, which in turn brings up the average of satisfied customers per year!
  • HelioVital can also greatly benefit owners of livestock, animal hunting and recreational sport animals. It increases the vitality, performance, healing, fertility, willingness to copulate for all kind of animals (horses, camels, dogs, birds of prey and others) by having lasting purpose and goal-oriented effects through gentle natural application.
  • HelioVital is also a superb solution in agriculture economy. It optimizes long-lasting vitality of plants, turnover, and results in best bio-quality as well as in promotional good looks which meet the needs of potential consumers.
  • HelioVital is also seen an optimal resource for a medical practitioner who uses the bio-positive healthy sunlight for high efficient naturopathic treatments of skin, chronic and mental diseases. This means e.g. therapies offered at the Dead Sea could be met with HelioVital superb qualities anywhere in the world in the future.

HelioVital® allows you to easily go through great transformations:

  • from a winter garden to a constitutional sun house.
  • from a pool to a vitalizing spa.
  • from an awning to an anti-stress-tanning tarp.
  • from a lawn chair to an anti-aging-recreation lounge.
  • from an umbrella to a tanning parasol.
  • from sunscreen to a medical device but now.

HelioVital® protects the ecosystem:

  • HelioVital can either totally or partly reduce the need of cosmetic sunscreen application. Therefore no or very few chemical sunscreen ingredients, which badly damage the ecosystem, circulate and pollute rivers, lakes, seas or oceans.

Interested in HelioVital products or becoming an investor?

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